Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

Development Diary #3 Our Biggest Update Yet, Remaking The World of Oblivion

Since our last Development Diary, we have made a lot of progress which we are excited about sharing with you all today.

Most notable updates this period are the recreations of the forts you know and love from Oblivion, the reconstruction of the City of Layawiin, the recreation of Bravil’s interior locations and the reimaginings of some of the dungeons that cover Oblivions map.

Other than that we have implemented most of our new Oblivion inspired user interface, worked on a spellcrafting demo in secret, made numerous improvements to our grasses and textures based on your feedback from the last diary and implemented a lot of new assets and quests just to name a few things.

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Karl segan

As there has been no update for 8 months now they did what Beteshda did. ? No game coming?


I hate to break it to you, but that date is dd/mm/yyyy. This update was a full year ago. Hoping to hear something soon, but doing so with faltering optimism.


Check the Skyblivion twittwr. There is updates.


is this still being made seems like forever ago i was sowed this?


when release?


Keep it up guys, you’re doing great!


These people are clearly from the future, cause that post date is almost a month from now. It’s still November of 2021, Kyle! ?


Hum some peoples do date like dd/mm/yyyy. So if you read it like that it’s ok XD

Last edited 1 year ago by Nesuron

So far it looks really great! Stay determined to the project and I’m sure you guys will have made something a lot of people are going to absolutely enjoy and love!


Please remake the scroll item dupe bug


the fact that no one is paying attention to this anymore… ill check it out in a few years when its done lol.. we will have elder scrolls 7 by then.


Do you really think Bethesda will ever release another real ES game? Naw all they will make is PTW garbadge


Even though the comment above is ignorant you seem to forget that Bethesda brought us all these great games, i understand there have been massive issues with fallout 76 but even todd has admited to it’s problems and had said that it has been a massive learning curve for them and that they are still learning, they like the modding community which is rare by developers now a days and are even open to it, the future elder scrolls will be great and so will the future fallouts, people lost faith in them with 76 when i still truely belive in them, people just seem to always look at the bad and forget the good, regardles of the point skyoblivion will be a great oppurtunity for us all to play the game with updated graphics and mechanics which is why im so excited

Last edited 11 months ago by Rodrigo

He has also said that he doesn’t consider any cow sacred, and is willing to change anything at all from previous games. Plus this is the same company that broke most mods because they decided to update the game for no reason other than an attempt to get more money out of us, breaking most mods in the process


AE actually has better performance for me. and most mods are updated to it now, so its good imo. just a short term annoyance on release


Disagree. Many essential mods are still broken, and the authors long since abandoned. It’s terribly frustrating.


I didn’t lose faith specifically because of FO76, but rather because Bethesda abandoned (seemingly) its bread-and-butter, single-player RPGs and tried to get us all to transition over to MMO-style games (ESO and FO76), then completely abandoned their most popular franchises for a decade and counting. My hope is that Obsidian will pick up the slack, and maybe Outer Worlds and Avowed can take up the torch. But now Avowed seems to have fallen off a cliff, so who knows.


Are we talking months or years until this is finished?


they like holding that shit above your head and get soooo pissed whenever anyone mentions it. this shit isnt getting done until 2052 then theyll be confused why people dont want it anymore

Matthew Perry

I fully understand that it won’t be anytime soon, But, is there any kind of tentative ETA?

Finally Awake

This looks really cool, I just hope to see some betas and at least a ball-park date for release. Even if it’s 2 more years. I’m looking forward to this but I hope I don’t lose hope before it’s released like so many other games have done to many. Good luck guys, keep up the great work.


This update only made me more hyled for this. I’m so excited for this to come out!


lol dont get too hyped not gonna come out until way too late. these guys really need to gurry up


dumb opinion. how do you ever think a games “remake” by fans can come out too late? come on bruh, its not like god himself is making it. they can take as much time as they need, and everyone will love it whenever it comes out.