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Development Diary #3 Our Biggest Update Yet, Remaking The World of Oblivion

Travelers! Our development diary #3 is out now!

Get a glimpse of a fraction of the latest work from the Skyblivion Team!

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Keep it up guys, you’re doing great!


These people are clearly from the future, cause that post date is almost a month from now. It’s still November of 2021, Kyle! 🤣


Hum some peoples do date like dd/mm/yyyy. So if you read it like that it’s ok XD

Last edited 19 days ago by Nesuron

So far it looks really great! Stay determined to the project and I’m sure you guys will have made something a lot of people are going to absolutely enjoy and love!


Please remake the scroll item dupe bug


the fact that no one is paying attention to this anymore… ill check it out in a few years when its done lol.. we will have elder scrolls 7 by then.


Do you really think Bethesda will ever release another real ES game? Naw all they will make is PTW garbadge


Are we talking months or years until this is finished?

Matthew Perry

I fully understand that it won’t be anytime soon, But, is there any kind of tentative ETA?

Finally Awake

This looks really cool, I just hope to see some betas and at least a ball-park date for release. Even if it’s 2 more years. I’m looking forward to this but I hope I don’t lose hope before it’s released like so many other games have done to many. Good luck guys, keep up the great work.


This update only made me more hyled for this. I’m so excited for this to come out!