The Skyblivion Project’s First Content Release

The Skyblivion Project's First Content Release
Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

“The Skyblivion Project’s First Content Release”.
Releasing content for Skyblivion is not as easy at it may sound. Assets and mechanics created by the team are usually merged straight into our master build and from the start of the project we didn’t have releasing small pieces of content in mind.

Having that said it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by this point in Skyblivion’s development we have recreated a lot of assets originally found in Cyrodiil.  Some more noteworthy than others but all necessary to be able to release Skyblivion. For those who are aren’t in the loop. we are legally required to recreate every 3D asset found in Oblivion or replace it with a Skyrim counterpart. And here’s a fun fact: there are 8032 assets listed on our spreadsheets. Some of which you may have seen during our streams, development updates or on our gallery. 9 Divines give us strength..

During the Christmas holiday the team and myself got to thinking, what if we started to release some of these assets going forward? Surely out of these 8032 assets there will be something that can be released to the public without costing us too much time and resources. We had a few brainstorming sessions and eventually decided that starting in 2020 we will try and release weapon and armor mods periodically if and when we can.

That brings us back to “The Skyblivion Project’s First Content Release”. For our first content release I would like to present you with our Cyrodiilic Steel armor. This set is made by Spyros Frigas and was implemented and released with the help of Borx25, greavesy, Stayd and KettleWitch. We hope that with this armor set you will finally be able to slay some of those Stormcloak dogs in style.
The Steel Armor release didn’t just include the armor but also a short story to help introduce it in an immersive way. If you havent see the release trailer yet I suggest you have a look to better understand who wore this armor and how it came to Skyrim.

Without further a do here are the links to download our armor. I hope you take good care of the set during your playthroughs and if you do please share some screenshots with us.

PC: NexusMods
PC: BethNet
XBOX: BethNet

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  • Meljuk says:

    Is this only available for SE?

  • Calvin says:

    If you could release the Alyeid ruins I would be very appreciative. I plan to steal them anyway for a personal mod of min, but if I could release it that would be cool.

    • Hunter says:

      I really do think you should make you’re own mod with you’re own content and not steal others content they worked on. So you should make what you think it would be like.

  • is Skyblivion going to be an entire mod kind of like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma? Or an entire game?

    • Leon says:

      I think it was said that it is an entire game, but requires you to have bought Oblivion as well as Skyrim. Think of it as Portals fan-made game “Portal Stories: Mel”. Entire Game, but by fans with the main game required.

  • Joshua scott says:

    I think you guys are doing amazing work if you need a bug finder or mods tester I’d like to help if i can

  • Aiden H. says:

    Will this be released for LE?

  • Sindrall says:

    Not gonna lie, that voice acting there and the story is pretty cool, but I hope you all don’t get too side tracked trying to release stuff in separate little mods and stories to end up finishing the main project XD. Not trying to say that its not cool you are releasing some stuff to us, but I have been dying over this for ages so I would rather see it completed 😀 Either way you guys are amazing!

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