Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

Skyblivion – Glory Of Cyrodiil

As you all know we have all been hard at work these last few months and what better way to show our progress than with a small video.
This latest teaser trailer shows progress made by the landscaping team who is hard at work making Cyrodiil feel more natural and cluttered, adding unique landmarks along the way to reward those hardcore explorers. Furthermore its shows improved flora such as the trees, bushes and recently added grasses, new weathers and interior lighting that has been made from scratch, new 4K textures, new 3D assets and also a sneak peak of the new Skyblivion OST which starts at 02:10.

We hope you enjoy this little sneak peak and if you know anyone who might be interested in seeing this be sure to share it with them as it helps us grow our community which in turn leads to finding new volunteers to help finish this massive project sooner.

As always thank you for the amazing support and may the 9 Divines bless you.

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My…my… please tell us it will be available soon !
It looks like an awesome piece of work, congratulations to the team. Keep up the good work.



Austin Hemstrum

Oh, my lord, I’m so excited for this mod. I’ve been waiting since you guys started and It’ll always be worth it. Just a suggestion though: You guys should charge $5 to install the mod (I’m not sure how’d you manage it or if it could even be implemented). You’ve put so much work into it and you’d really be in for some coin if you did. Honestly, if Bethesda made an Oblivion remake I’d pay $70 for it; I don’t see any problem with putting a small price on the upgrade.

Navetta Cédric

Can’t wait to this mod finishes, i’m more exited by TESRenewal’s project that elder scrolls sequels. Thanks to the teams that make so much effort eand time to the elder scrolls community.

Jack Anderson

Gave me chills.
Can’t wait.

Shaun Guimond

The video was phenomenal! Great work. It shows how hard everyone is working and I thank every single one of you. Thank you!


Been following this mod for years and can’t wait til it is finally here, Oblivian is to date, my most played game of all time. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. So excited to have a piece of my childhood back and prettier than ever!


I am so happy that you guys are putting all this effort into this project. I know that it’s been such a journey and I want to let you all know that it’s going to give hope to the whole Elder Scrolls community by the time that you complete this project. Thank you all so much.


So Excited! This looks amazing, Can’t wait to go back. <3