Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

The Elder Scrolls Skyblivion | Official Release Year Announcement Trailer

Oblivion Remade in the Skyrim engine.

Remaking Oblivion in the Skyrim engine is what we set out to do when we started the Skyblivion project. Making games takes time, this goes double for a volunteer project the size of a AAA game that took a team of fulltime DEVS years to make.

Regardless we would like to share today that Skyblivion is in a state where we can promise a 2025 release at the latest.

We hope with your support to finish the final steps in completing our dream, maybe even beating our own estimation.

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After reading some of the other comments is this a PC only game when it comes out?

Justin Vickers

it’s essentially a PC mod for Skyrim, so no that would never happen unless Microsoft bought it out.


I I hope it is pc only. Out with consoles


Two of my favorite games, combining as one. Can’t wait!!




This looks amazing you guys got this willing to wait however long


Does this mean I can play Oblivion in VR??? 😀

Jenn Posey

Any chance this will be available on consoles?


Officially? I highly doubt it. Someone might be able to eventually find a way to patch the console versions, but that’s a lot easier said than done from what I understand. Unless the mod’s creators are able to strike some sort of deal with Bethesda to have it released officially. It’s not 100% impossible, given they actually gave their blessing to make this mod in the first place.

Last edited 14 days ago by Akira

Sadly, it is literally impossible for it to be ported over to consoles. The game is too large to fit in the Xbox/PlayStation’s filesize limits, not to mention Sony’s whole thing with “third-party assets”. Many different parts of the remake also rely on SKSE, which does not exist on consoles (and, unfortunately, AFAIK, due to various technical limitations it’s impossible for SKSE to be “remade”/ported to console, even if they had support from Bethesda themselves). Shame, really. I play on PC, but I would have loved to see it come to console; The team deserves all the praise they can get for this work of art, and it sucks that the console market has to be left out. I know a LOT of people who play on console that would love to play Skyblivion ):


Amazing! Thank you so much!


Wow super cool