New website is live !

Hi people, CC here and finally the new website is live ! The new site has been in the work for some time now and it has been entirely remade from scratch using the old one as inspiration. The main goal of making a new website was to have access to most information in a nice and organized way. The old website was kinda messy when it came to finding information.

The new website is also over 75% faster than the old one! This is mostly due to the fact that we have finally moved our hosting away from one.com and have built the new site with loadspeed as a priority. This new site is also much, MUCH more mobile friendly and should (in theory) work well on all resolutions.

Now we have also moved our volunteer form away from the unproffesional looking google form. Now we have a custom made form that communicated with a google spreadsheet instead. Looks much better !

The new website is built using Elementor and WordPress.

If you find any bugs please let me know on our discord server and I’ll do my best to fix them!

I hope you enjoy our new website as much as I have enjoyed making it !


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Been waiting for so many years….


I am so looking forward to this game! Thank you for your efforts!


Would you tell me what would happen to the skill trainers like athletics and acrobatics and hand to hand for example? I really don’t know what would happen to those skills, where are they going to belong, please explain me.


This is absolutely awesome! The ability to play all the greatest back story games within the Skyrim engine really brings it all together! Thanks!


The work your team have put in to this is very nice the game looks beautiful. There was soo much in this game that made skyrim feel empty. Am kinda shocked that bethesda didn’t jump on this. So glad to have you guys working on is your team close to coming up with a release date? And are you the same people responsible for the remake of fallout 3


Been a Elder Scrolls fan from the beginning! Great work with all that you are doing. Seen lots of mods in skyrim, but none have had me as thrilled to play as this. Can’t wait!

gordon hayes

i want to play so bad do you think we can get a open beta i have skyrim se and oblivon and all the dlc can we get a test run plz:)


does this mean amulet of kings will be altered so the dragon born can were it?
cuz in skyrim you become dragonborn someing to think about


No, because you play Oblivion, except made in the Engine of Skyrim.
The only Dragonborn who can wear it are the two who WILL wear it while you play the Game.


where is the site link?


i hope this comes out soon i cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚


I want you guy’s to know that you are awesome! Everyone who contributed to any of this will will be loved by thousands of people. No matter how this turnesout, tough i’m sure it’s gonna be great! โ‚โ—Œโ€ฒแต•โ€ตเฅ‚โ—Œโ‚Žโ™ก


I can’t find this to play it.


Because the Game isn’t done. It’s an enormous huge Mod which creates the Entire Oblivion World in the Engine of Skyrim. If you ever played the Two Games you should realize how big that is, as well as all the Coding which you have to do, on top of that obviously rebuild everything.

Cody Slagel

on top of also not being paid to do this from what I recall this is complete volunteer work.


is there release date for skyblivion?


this is amazing


we can’t wait!

Michael Phelps

Looks awesome!