Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

One of the most bad-ass creatures from the realms of Oblivion is back!

One of the most bad-ass creatures from the realms of Oblivion is back!
Our fantastic creature artist Adam Danby has been hard at work trying to bring this guy back to live.

This scary guy will soon be walking the reals of Oblivion again so be sure to keep an eye out on our social media and YouTube channel.

Having that said I think its time for some poses.
Give us trendy!

And now angry! >:(

This guy is a natural.

I hope you all enjoyed this little update from us.
For more information and frequent updates I suggest you have a look at our social media links below:

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“If you want to see a few more renders of this guy or other work Adam has done go HERE” does not point to the link (at least in my browser). Awesome work btw!


Would really love to see this up and screaming at my face


This Is So Fuc*kin’ Epic , Can’t Wait for more Updates , Keep up the Good work and thanks for what u have Done to Revive the Both games – Regards.


We have not been writing news updates frequently and that is totally on me.
Our focus has been almost 100% with working on the project which lead to poor communication to our fans as a result. I will try my best to clear more time in order to write updates more often.

Happy(early) Holidays!


Don’t be hard on yourself man, this project alone will leave us forever in your debt. Appreciate the hard work and hope things continue to go well.


dude no one is disappointed your focusing more on completing the mod in fact I think everyone would agree that’s badass!