Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

Skyblivion And Paid Mods

Our stance regarding any form of payment for the Skyblivion is very simple, we have no interest in putting our work behind a paywall. We want as many people as possible to enjoy our work and asking money in order to get access to the mod achieves the exact opposite of this

Skyblivion has always been a labor of love, not profits.

You can watch our full statement here

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it 2020 11/29 guys how can i download this mod !!! 🙁


out relisted? and link please


Recently I started to get that itch to play Oblivion again with mods and started to look for some new guides, until I came across this and was blown away! This is something to really look forward to and wish you the best of luck with this project. Great work!

Benjamin Boone

So how do i get the mod, i have all the requirements.


I can’t wait for this game! I visit this site from time to time to check for the news. Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much for your giving attitude, guys, but your time is valuable… and I’d be happy to pay to make this happen sooner! I’m so looking forward to this! I want to play Oblivion again, but modding it is so complicated to figure out for a non-techie like me… Any ideas when you will release a beta?


No ETA on beta as of now 🙂


I just want to thank you guys, Oblivion is my favorite Elder Scrolls, and I want to thank you for bringing it back. Telling from the videos and images you guys are doing amazing work. Can’t wait to see it when its done.


I can’t wait to see this and Skywind (actually more excited for Skywind because I haven’t finished that one yet) but I’m super excited. I wish you guys could do the same for Arena and Daggerfall (I was scared the monsters would pull me into the game so I never played those beyond running around the towns naked….I was also like 6) but I believe that translating DOS to Windows and on to a 64 bit system plus changing it from a 2D environment to 3D….lets just say I’m not holding my breath 😉


Will Skyblivion create the whole world of Tamriel as well? I hope u continue with the spirit of Oblivion TES game in mind – hence the world don`t look empty after you`re finish one cave like in Skyrim. And I`m no fan that the world looks empty after you`ve done some quest lines – it need to have similar
feel and look as TES Oblivion – how creatures and cave inhabitants respawns after couple of days – and random world encounters like that is essential.


I’m curious though do you intend on bringing it over to the console as well, because when I heard of this I was excited come on o have my hold hood come back in better graphics is a dream come true, hell a few days ago I was feeling nostalgic and was playing oblivion (I sadly lost my second disc for the dlc) but still a great game and in all honesty why didn’t Bethesda not remaster it it’s a classic


Sorry some auto correct in there


Love your attitude towards the paywalls but you guys totally deserve some sort of compensation so get a donation service up and running. I’ll gladly donate to help when I can. I’m so looking forward to seeing this game.

Dryden Brown

if you do run into any troubles have you thought of kickstarter and those that help get tshirts or something?


Waiting very impatiently for this mod. I just bought Oblivion and tried playing it but oh lordy those graphics need updating. Soon?
Also seconding a donations button. All the work you guys are putting in for the love of it I’d be very happy to make a contribution.


I feal that with the fact that you have to buy oblivion to play this mod, that Bethesda Bullied you to doing that for Piracy, I would rather pay for the mod to you guys that put the effort to bring us this mod, if I am wrong I’m sorry but I just hope that they arn’t Bullying you guys with it. brining back a game that is dead and keeping people playing Skyrim, I think they should pay you guys for keeping Skyrim alive


When Skyblivion is released, will it be available through, or only Nexus mods?


That’d very knoble of you and the skyblivion team. I think you should at least make a donation page 🙂 I’m sure I’m not alone in happily donating to the cause. You guys are putting all this time and effort into the project and the least I feel I could do is send you guys some Bitcoins <3 stay shiny


What your guys are doing is simply amazing !


Any release date ?


Do you plan to squish the two games together or will the installer launch oblivion on its own? I seem to recall their being a gate nestled in the mountains somewhere with the White Gold Tower just barely visible in the distance. I always figured it would be awesome to be able to just open up that gate and walk into cyrodiil.


Would be crazy!


I hope this doesn’t come across a rude or anything, but any idea what the ETA on this is? I’m just curious whether it’s a matter of months till completion or years. Really excited for this project as it allows players who were introduced to the elder scroll series through skyrim but never got a chance to play oblivion due to poor graphics and an outdated engine. I know people must ask my question a lot and it must get irritating so apologies in advance.


I know right 😀 I love Oblivion so much more than Skyrim but Oblivion is just so ugly. I’m really excited for this mod and would love to know if there is an ETA or something like that. but indeed like you said, they must get that question A LOT so yeah, i’m just patiently waiting 😛 I wish you guys the best of luck. It’s that I can’t do anything regarding modelling or texturing or whatever, but I would’ve loved to be able to do something 😛


Our aim for a release window is late 2018 but we cant make any promises.


I love the fact that you guys are recreating Oblivion, I haven’t played the original and I’m thinking that it might be a good time to before you release the remake however I love skyrim and would love to play it at that graphic level. Do you think Skyblivion is years away?


Thank you so much for doing this Oblivion is my favorite game and a good graphics overhaul is a dream come true. ❤


You guys are shapers of dreams. Thank you.


Rob, actual Linux gamers don’t need to ask if they’re included, they include themselves by making the damn thing work, one way or the other. And the last time I checked, it wasn’t even especially hard to do so, any more.


” We aim to bring the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to a new generation of gamers”

Does this include Linux gamers?


get gud m8