Kyle Rebel
Kyle Rebel

SKYBLIVION Won The Most Anticipated Mod of The Year Award

What a way to end 2017.

2017 has been an amazing year for the project but the way we ended it was simply amazing. We got nominated for the MOTY award early December which was already a big deal for us. Then mid December I get an email saying that out of the 4348 mods on ModDB SKYBLIVION actually made it into the top 100. AMAZING! Then to top it all off I wake up on the 26th of December to find out we actually placed first for the MOTY award. Just goes to show what an amazing community can do for a project such as this. Without all of you we would be lost.

This is especially the case after last nights event. On December 30th I posted a picture on twitter and started a livestream to try and raise money to pay for this website in 2018. Due to personal setbacks I was unable to pay to keep the website up in 2018 and the bill had to be payed before January 1st.

You can read my full statement here in the image

To my surprise you guys showed how passionate and supportive you are towards this project and within 5 minutes of streaming you raised enough money for me to be able to pay for the website. Truth be told I was foolish to not want to accept outside help and this almost cost us the website, a harsh lesson learned on my part.
After I removed the donation links a few people apparently had them open in their tabs and send me some more money which in total was almost enough to pay for last years and this years website hosting. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for your amazing support and for ending this year with such amazing highlights. I am truly humbled by all the love that surrounds this project.

2018 is going to be the year of SKYBLIVION starting with a big teaser trailer early in the year so keep an eye on our youtube channel.

Thank you all once again and HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Skyblivion team and me <3

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You go man! I can’t wait!


There are those of us who are yet to experience oblivion. im pretty sure im willing to pay for the original game if i can experience it in the skyrim engine.

The only thing stopping me before was friends saying dont expect the world visually from Obliv.

But this one… looks… incredible.

You are also bringing peoples childhoods back to life and removing the Rose tinted glasses…
Good people <3


Seriously cannot WAIT for this to come out!


Super excited on this announcement and congrats on the award and website donations. Truth be told, I’d be happy to donate a few bucks your way if it helped cover any costs for you to continue the current schedule. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing this new trailer!


Great news. All your hard work is appreciated by the community. Keep up the good work.


Congrats! Looking forward to the release. 🙂

a kind fan

You have the entire Bethesda community cheering you on. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful New Year!


Oh and here is the stream archive for those who are interested: