Landscaping in Skyblivion by Dee Keyes Part 2

In this article I’ll talk about the decisions that were made throughout Blackwoods development and the reasons behind them as well as my methods of landscaping.


New Teaser Trailer

We have been hard at work these past few years and recently a lot of that work has fallen into place, finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game. We are super excited to see all our hard work pay off, more importantly though we are excited to show those who have supported us all this time what it has been for.


New website is live !

Finally the new website is live ! The new site has been in the work for some time now and it has been entirely remade from scratch using the old one as inspiration. The main goal of making a new website was to have access to most information in a nice and organized way.


Landscaping in Skyblivion by Dee Keyes Part 1

I remember the Christmas of 2006, i got the Xbox 360 and three fantastic games Dead Rising, Just Cause and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I’d been introduced to the Elder Scrolls series a few years before.


The Lootist on Oblivion Realms

​Like many Elder Scrolls fans, Oblivion was my introduction to the series and RPGs in general. I remember watching my uncle playing for hours on end, until I got my own copy a year or so after release. A lot of it still feels fresh in my mind.


Landscaping in Skyblivion by ClefJ

I was never what one would consider a ‘pc gamer’, especially in my youth, where my experience extended only so far as Oregon Trail. However, as an avid console gamer, there was always something I craved from the games I had.