The Lootist on Oblivion Realms

​Like many Elder Scrolls fans, Oblivion was my introduction to the series and RPGs in general. I remember watching my uncle playing for hours on end, until I got my own copy a year or so after release. A lot of it still feels fresh in my mind.


Landscaping in Skyblivion by ClefJ

I was never what one would consider a ‘pc gamer’, especially in my youth, where my experience extended only so far as Oregon Trail. However, as an avid console gamer, there was always something I craved from the games I had.


Project dedication

As most of you know, our dear Rebelzize lost the love of his life on March 8, 2018. Therefore we decided that we dedicate this project to the memory of Jen.


Skyblivion and Textures

I wanted to write a small article about the updated textures I am making for Skyblivion. I cannot write about the textures others have made since I don’t know a lot about them. As you know Oblivion is almost 12 years old at this time and as you can expect, the textures used are really, I MEAN REALLY, below where we want them to be currently.


Skyblivion – Glory Of Cyrodiil

As you all know we have all been hard at work these last few months and what better way to show our progress than with a small video.
This latest teaser trailer shows progress made by the landscaping team who is hard at work making Cyrodiil feel more natural and cluttered, adding unique landmarks along the way to reward those hardcore explorers.


SKYBLIVION Won The Most Anticipated Mod of The Year Award

2017 has been an amazing year for the project but the way we ended it was simply amazing. We got nominated for the MOTY award early December which was already a big deal for us. Then mid December I get an email saying that out of the 4348 mods on ModDB SKYBLIVION actually made it into the top 100. AMAZING!