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Skyblivion is a volunteer-based project by the TESRenewal modding group. We aim to bring The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to a new generation of gamers and re-introduce it to long time fans of the series. We are currently in the process of remaking Cyrodiil along with all of its quests, locations and characters into Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition.

Skyblivion is a volunteer-based project by the TESRenewal modding group. We aim to bring The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to a new generation of gamers and re-introduce it to long time fans of the series. We are currently in the process of remaking Cyrodiil along with all of its quests, locations and characters into Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition.

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New Teaser Trailer

We have been hard at work these past few years and recently a lot of that work has fallen into place, finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game.

We are super excited to see all our hard work pay off, more importantly though we are excited to show those who have supported us all this time what it has been for. It’s been a long ride but we are finally at a point where the end is almost in sight.
We still need help with the project though, mostly in the 3D and coding departments but concept artists, CK modders and texture artists are always a welcome sight.

Our exterior world map is nearing its final stages of development meaning its close to being completed. Creatures, flora, weapons, armors and 3D assets in general are being implemented and produced at a rapid pace and as a result the world is starting to feel alive. The world is now inhabited by wild animals walking about and monsters trying to kill you at every corner.
Quests have also made some great progress though a lot of debugging still needs to be done to make everything work as smoothly as possible.

If you are simply a fan of the project and you want to help please share our video where you can, you might just reach someone that will help us finish this monster of a project sooner.

Thank you for all the love and support ~Your Skyblivion Team

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98 Responses

  1. I myself am from Russia and I had a question: will it be a project in Russian in the form of text, I’m not talking about the voice acting

  2. I’m happy to see it came this far, same as the comment before, I’ve seen it the first time quite a while back, when I was into modding (or installing mods, but lurking around the modding scene^^).
    I started TES with Oblivion and loved, played Skyrim from the first day and love it still today but I always like Oblivion a bit more, it was more mystic and more about hood covered guys but the graphics are way to outdated for my eyes nowadays. Every time I got a strong desire to play Oblivion, I stopped, or atleast I installed it and saw the low polygon people and landscapes and immediately stopped playing or instantly searched for your progress of Skyblivion and always caught my self being fascinated about the improvements and that your still alive and working on it, I’m very glad about it!
    Keep on guys!

    PS: I liked the arena somehow, oh my, I’ve forgotten so much about Oblivion, I vanishes more and more, played it from 2009 til Skyrim came out, this is a long time, time flies so fast nowadays

  3. I am so pumped that you all have made it this far. Bravo, to each and every person on this team. When I first heard about Skyblivion 3 or 4 years ago I have to admit I didn’t think the project would get anywhere near seeing completion. Trailer looks amazing and I can hardly wait (but naturally I will )!

  4. I didn’t even know they were making this till I saw the trailer yesterday, on youtube. I was just looking at random stuff for Skyrim. I wish that gaming companies would actually listen to the people who play their games. For example the Capcom mess with Breath of Fire. I was a real big fan of Capcom till they made BOF 6 for the phone, biggest letdown I have ever had. 🙁 Gaming companies nowadays seem like they’re trying to get more games out as fast as possible then the actual quality that we crave. Don’t get me wrong they do make great games but they also seem like they have alot of problems as well. I’d rather wait a couple of years for them to get as many bugs out as possible rather than get it a few years early and have a ton of bugs. Another reason unfinished quest/missions, is also a big problem. I’m sorry for ranting but those are my thoughts about games now adays.

  5. I just started playing oblivion and I grew with Skyrim but for you guys to implement Skyrim into oblivion is huge for me I would pay definitely to play this

  6. The last trailer was on August 15th … are you alive gentlemen developers? Should we wait for the release, or not?

    1. And why put dislikes under my comment, isn’t this question interesting to anyone else? This post is already 4 months old, and no news has been received from the developers.

      1. Err, so one and one is eleven right? Its been, I don’t know, 4/5 years when they started and they just release the first ever, kind of full, trailer two months ago, this a barely considered answer

  7. WHY CAN’T I GIVE YOU MONEY FOR THIS DAMNIT?! This will probably be the highlight of my career of gaming experience and I just want to plaaaaaayy it. That means I want to support you guys any way I can but you don’t accept money, which I get, but STILL. Also, it’s pretty sad that the community has to make this a reality instead of the actual developer who made the damn thing. Just goes to show that Bethesda doesn’t really listen to their community much anymore, despite them saying so. You guys are doing God’s work. Can’t wait to play and hear more about this.

    1. The real Bethesda died a long time ago, my friend. In its current form, they’re a husk run by God Howard whose sole purpose in life is to over-exaggerate the quality of what Bethesda’s internal developers are capable of pumping out. Which admittedly isn’t much.. Take the 27 different renditions of Skyrim as an example. Every single piece of quality Bethesda work has been developed by another developer under the guise of “Bethesda”. Take DOOM for example. That was actually id software.

    1. The minute they accept money for this project is when it becomes illegal. They don’t own any of the source material. Just be grateful they’re willing to make this and keep on supporting in other ways. 😉

  8. Love the work thats getting put into this project, its coming from a great place. My question is;
    Will anybody be able to port it or create a wrapper for Mac users? I run both Skyrim and oblivion on Mac and would be awesome to get skyblivion going.

    1. That’s an excellent question. Or .. and hear my out here .. you could just take your Mac, wipe its terrible operating system and install Windows 10. Problem solved, my friend! 🙂 You’ll also have access to 100% of the PC market. It’s like magic!

  9. Having seen a game that I really love, I would like to ask you a question: will this beautiful, say remaster, go to Skyrim Legendary Edition?

  10. I haven’t check on this projet during the last year and discovering this teaser now makes me wish it will go out soon.

    I know that would be illegal but damn I would pay for this before paying for many AAA from last year or for those coming next year ! Make TES great again! I think TESO is missing the epicness of Oblivion and Skyrim (Morrowind was great too but my thoughs are for Oblivion). And TES VI… Well… Wait and see. So Oblivion with Skyrim engine boosted up I say YES. Take my money (but don’t tell anyone!)

  11. Im so keen for this to be released, i have been following this for years and its always felt like this is just a dream and it will never come out but the trailer has sparked hope that it will one day be released! keep going guys i love your work. your amazing

    1. Absolutely, If you’re a developer of the mod and have local access to all of their internal files. 😀 For the rest of us, we’ll just keep rewatching the trailer until our eyes bleed.

  12. Damn, I was hoping it would have same mechanics as Oblivion. The Skyrim gameplay is just too simplified and boring for me.

    Either way, you’ve really made some amazing progress! Most huge projects like this never gets finished, I’m truly impressed

  13. Omg you have no idea how many times ive beaten Oblivion. The graphics to this day surpass anything of its time. And if this game youre creating is as good as i know its going to be i will be playing this for a long time.

    1. 1. Purchase a gaming laptop or desktop with a descent cpu and gpu. You can go to and start learning about cpus and gpus and find a good choice based on gaming price etc.
      2. go to see if your pc can run skyrim. If it passes then you have no worries with skyblivion.
      3. Download steam to purchase your copy of skyrim special edition and oblivions game of the year edition
      4. pay for a membership its worth it, me I paid $60 for a lifetime.. now you can begin downloading authors mods such as skyblivion and other mods for hundreds of game titles to make your games more immersive fun and exciting.
      5. Look at your consoles and realize… the gaming industry has been fkn you for a long long time.. lmao

  14. I have never played games on a computer only consoles but this”” this is awesome.
    I may buy a gaming pc and learn how to use it just because of this!

  15. You’re probably SO fed up of this question by now, but could you make even the most vague of release date estimates? I’m currently playing ESO even though I’m not much of an mmo fan and if skyblivion’s more than 4/5 months off I might buy some of the DLC to keep me going. Thanks.

  16. I just saw the trailer today, WOW it looks amazing! Is it Elder Scrolls part VI right after Skyrim or expansion to ESO? I hope it is not for ESO. Please say it is the new Elderscrolls <3 😀 PLEASE!

    1. Oh no, this isn’t an official Bethesda project. It’s a free mod that recreates ES IV: Oblivion within ES V: Skyrim. This thread really illustrates that there may in fact BE stupid questions, but there are also stupid answers.

      1. Now this is a person who knows their shit. I’ve been playing oblivion since its inception and morrowind before that. The person who made the post about the “sequel to skyrim or ESO” is a goddamn moron

    2. This game is the game that we played before people like you came along and played skyrim and ESO. We played Morrowind and Oblivion.

    3. Marie, that’s an excellent question. It’s actually the next Star Fox. See, Nintendo is currently in talks with the Vatican to ensure that these developers keep pace with the projected roadmap of expectations under the EA guidelines set forth by Todd Howard back in September. So to sum everything up, I just burped and it tastes horrible. Stick with ESO for now.

  17. Many years ago someone was going to reintroduce ultima 6,7,and 7 part 2 using a better engine. I was very excited for that. it never came anywhere near where your team is. Oblivion is a much better game than Skyrim. I am beyond excited for when this gets done.
    I do have questions though.

    1. Will this be a standalone situation, or a mod like beyond Bruma ? Whichever way it works, will it be mod-able like all the other TES games? if so, would it be Skyrim SE, Oldrim, or Oblivion mod compatible? Or would all new mods need to be made to work with it?

    2. Have you contacted Bethesda about the project to see if they would offer help ?

    3. Once completed, you should offer a way to donate for the time you all put in on this. (would Bethesda allow that or would they sue for copyright I wonder)

    1. Bro watch their videos and read it’s all answered in the bio and streams 😀 …. For those new and reading the team isn’t accepting payments as they are avoiding conflicts copyright and it’s their chance at entering the gaming industry showing off their skills. It’s a remake of 2006 oblivion within the Skyrim creation engine with mostly Skyrim mechanics and leveling system. So if you love crazy skills like athletics and acrobatics stick to modded oblivion or regular oblivion. Skyblivion and skywind are points to show Bethesda and other companies the teams skills so they can get In the industry but is also bc they love what they do and enjoy oblivion as well. The game includes oblivion’s dlc knights of the nine and the shivering isles. The release date is TBA. They’ve been working tirelessly for 7-8 years now giving us their skills, time and creation free so long as you own both Skyrim SPECIAL edition and Oblivion GOTY on Steam or Gog.

  18. Dude we love you people for doing this. You have no idea the fan base of oblivion not including all the new people who will play now bc it’s Skyrim mechanics. You people have made history and will become legend. Great work

    1. No it will be only on pc. Get you a cheap gaming laptop and enjoy it with us when it comes out. Make sure to purchase Skyrim and oblivion with all their dlc on steam. Good luck

    2. Man if it is annoying this continuous “is this mod for console as well”? NOO!!!! Do you want to play games with mods (or directly mod them) you buy a damn PC! Do you prefer consoles? Becouse you’re a kid or becouse it’s all easier with them? Then no MODS!! Geez.

      1. John, there’s nothing wrong with consoles. They provide a solid gaming experience to the other half of society that would rather spend $500 for a complete gaming experience rather than $800 on a single GPU. A simple, “no” would have suffice. 🙂

  19. Hi Folks! Keep up with the incredible work that you’ve done. Can’t wait on slaughtering hundreds of Daedra’s, saving Kvatch again etc…

    I have a few Questions for the Gameplay mechanics.
    1.Can you still forge items like in Skyrim? If so only the Weapon Sets avaiable in Skyrim or in Cyrodiil or both ??
    2.Will you be able to travel between Skyrim and Cyrodiil or is this game Cyrodiil only ?

    Thank you so much for doing this and keep up this fantastic work !!

    1. You can not go to Skyrim. The team believes in keeping the story lines and champions separate as they do not go on synchronicity. They are all independent from one another. As for forging I’d imagine they will incorporate that and the magical systems like skyrim but guess we will wait and see.

  20. Thank you so much for the work done, we will wait for the end of the result and we will enjoy the process.
    Russia is with you

  21. I can model 3d using blender fairly well, but I’m pretty sure you guys want someone more professional. Hope this project finishes sooner, I literally cant wait.

  22. I used to play Oblivion as my first elder scrolls when I was a primary school student.Now I grow up and work as a global business man,but is still touched by the theme music of Oblivion and the preview you guys have made.Thank you guys for years of hard work.

  23. Nice work guys, excellent work on the trailer, have been waiting for this mod for years, cant wait to see it released!!!

      1. the link on site is to the delux, but the rex say “Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles”
        whitch is both included in the normal goty edition

  24. So, I was this, and saw the passion that went into it. I hope I can play it, oblivion was my first elder scrolls and seeing this makes me so happy as both a fan and as a person.

    1. “ a fan and as a person.” Hmm.. I find this rather .. suspect …………………. ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. How will things work in this mod with Speechcraft? I assume there will be a new dialog for these sort of interactions like [Bribe], ect… But how will it work when you have a high disposition with a guard? In Oblivion, a guard would let you off the hook for a crime assuming your disposition with them is high and your ‘famous’.

  26. It looks amazing! I’m looking forward to it. Is there anyway non-technical people can help?
    Best regards from Brazil

  27. Been following you guys since the beginning, you guys are immensely talented and dedicated, and it doesn’t go unnoticed, nor unappreciated. Keep it up, I look forward to playing and doing whatever I can to help. Oblivion is one of my favorite games I cannot go back to because of the engine so I’m incredibly hyped for an update!

      1. Ah hell, I don’t have SE. Never planned on getting in. Now I actually do. I thought it was gonna be like Enderal and be a completely separate game. Then again, the last time I checked in was when i heard about Jen.

        1. Enderal still requires Oldrim despite it being its own entity.

          Skyblivion is the same, it just uses resources from Skyrim opposed to Oldrim. And the Oblivion requirement is obvious, to avoid lawsuits of pulling away potential revenue for the actual Bethesda title.

          1. The last time I got something for “free”, I ended up with $1,200 in doctor’s visits and more creams than I knew existed. She told me they were beauty pimples!

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