We are currently getting more volunteers than we ever have before. To make sure recruitment resources are not wasted, please read the below information to find out what each department is looking for / needing in an applicant BEFORE submitting your application.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Thank you for considering to join the Skyblivion team on their quest to recreate one of the best games of our generation. Please fill out the volunteer form truthfully and double check you didn't make any mistakes.

Once you have filled out our volunteer form it might take up to two week for a department lead to get back to you as we receive quite a lot of applications and also have the project to worry about. Feel free to hang out in our public Discord while you wait for a reply.

Safe travels citizen.

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Proof of skill

Please use the space below to provide links to your previous work or anything else that shows what you can do/make...
This can be a mod on nexusmods.com, your profile on artstation, your profile on sketchfab etc.


Thank you very much for volunteering!
Our department leads will go over your application as soon as possible but depending on how busy we are and how many applicants we have to go through it can take up to anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks before you hear from us.
We will always contact you through Discord but if we don't get a reply within a few days we might send you an email instead. In order to avoid this please sign into Discord every day to check your messages.

Thank you once again and if you've got to travel, by the nine divines, stay on the road!



Requirements for you who consider joining Skyblivion

Navmesh is an essential part of Skyblivion because it enables us to control where NPCs can and cannot go; without effective navmesh, NPCs are unable to chase the player in combat and risk walking into static objects (or lava). Navmesh in Skyrim can be autogenerated or hand-drawn. Unlike in newer engines, autogen navmesh is extremely low quality in the Skyrim Creation Kit but can provide a baseline that can be edited by hand. This allows us to use a hybrid system that balances time and accuracy. Your role as a member of the Skyblivion navmesh team would involve working with autogenerated navmesh to help remove errors and optimise the pathing to ensure that it works effectively or hand-drawing navmesh from scratch. The work is fairly easy to learn but can be tedious to carry out. Although we currently work in Skyrim legendary edition, we will soon be transitioning to SSE, so if you only own that version of the game, please feel free to apply anyway. When applying, providing sufficient evidence is extremely important. This can include a link to a personal mod you have made that involved using navmesh, or screenshots of the same. Be aware that while real life always comes first, communication is a must so that the team can work cohesively. Contact Harrock#0449 or Tyber#6743 for practice modules either on the Skyblivion Community or Arcane University servers.

Any applications without clear evidence of navmeshing ability in the Skyrim Creation Kit will be ignored.

3d implementation
Our job is to make the assets our 3D artists create game-ready. To make this possible a good communication between several departments and members of your department is required. Assets have to be tested in game. Following our naming conventions and other guidelines is necessary.

Our requirements are:
Creation Kit knowledge
Nifskope Experience
Being able to use ck cmd or chunk merge to generate collision
Being able to convert fbx to nif
Being able to use a 3d program to correct scaling and orientation on assets.
Knowledge of armor implementation is great, but not required
Owning a copy of SE Proof of Skill: a small mod in which you have implemented an asset.

Required tools are:
SE Creation Kit
SSE Nifskope
Ck cmd or Chunkmerge
Blender, Maya, 3ds Max or another 3d program that can convert fbx to nif
Paint.net, Photoshop, Gimp or substance painter

The role of the coding department is to work on tools to automate portions of our work in building Skyblivion. Currently, our key aim is to develop a program that can automatically generate navmesh that is superior to Creation Kit and other tools.

Minimum: General knowledge of OOP principles; understanding of C# and C++
Ideally: General knowledge of OOP principles; understanding of C# and C++; at least one year of experience in the industry; use of GitHub and source control; knowledge of what and how Skyrim navmesh works
Bonus: Knowledge of linear algebra; OpenGL and SDL; QT framework

We are in the process of debugging all of the quests from Oblivion, which have been converted by our Scripting Department. We need members who know the Creation Kit (CK) and the Papyrus scripting language well to complete this task, as well as to implement spells and magic effects, packages and npc schedules, Oblivionesque game mechanics such as spell crafting, alchemy and sigil stone enchanting, and the like. Knowledge of other scripting languages can be helpful for a few specialized tasks, but we are primarily looking for those skilled in using the CK and Papyrus.

Owning a legitimate copy of SSE PC, and a short quest mod as proof of skill.

Our mission is to gentrify the oblivion interiors. We use only the creation kit to remake the interior cells within the game. We must provide a wonderlust environment for caves, fortresses and ruins. Our department works with a family attitude closely working with each other to provide a seamless experience between interiors.

Our requirements are
Proof of Creation kit skill (any free filesharing site)
Basic Xedit cleaning knowledge
A teamwork attitude

To provide, if not organization, morale support and guidance when designing the overland for Skyblivion. Using the creation kit to change and update the terrain in Tamriel into an updated, realistic terrain set for higher standards. Work with a team of experienced landscapers towards the overarching terrain goal for the worldspace. Communicate with other leads to ensure consistency for the project as we progress inch by inch across the map.

Our requirements are
Proof of Creation kit skill (any free filesharing site)
Basic Xedit cleaning knowledge
A teamwork attitude

2D Department
We are on the lookout for artists with good design and problem solving capabilities. As a member of the 2D department your role will be to help breathe new life into the world by redesigning assets; varying from creatures, props all the way to weapons and architecture.
Being a team player and receptive to feedback are also key characteristics for this role.