We are currently getting more volunteers than we ever have before.

To make sure recruitment resources are not wasted, please read the below information to find out what each department is looking for/needing in an applicant before submitting your application.

Thanks for your understanding.

Volunteer form

Thank you for considering to join the Skyblivion team on their quest to recreate one of the best games of our generation. Please fill out the volunteer form truthfully and double check you didn’t make any mistakes.

Once you have filled out our volunteer form it might take up to two week for a department lead to get back to you as we receive quite a lot of applications and also have the project to worry about. Feel free to hang out in our public Discord while you wait for a reply.

Safe travels citizen

Discord username and email address


Proof of skills

Please use the space below to provide links to your previous work or anything else that shows what you can do/make.

This can be a mod on Nexusmods, your profile on Artstation or your profile on Sketchfab etc.


Thank you very much for volunteering!

Our department leads will go over your application as soon as possible but depending on how busy we are and how many applicants we have to go through it can take up to anywhere from two days to two weeks before you hear from us.

We will always contact you through Discord but if we don't get a reply within a few days we might send you an email instead. In order to avoid this please sign into Discord every day to check your messages.

Thank you once again and if you've got to travel, by the nine divines, stay on the road!

You will be contacted through Discord so be sure to check in ever day!